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Submitted on
July 9, 2013


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So hey guys, Jay here to spread something around.

So some of you guys out there, or maybe ALL of you have heard
the Journals that tell there are comments that start with a sort of line like you would see from an Online AD and then there's a link that directs you to a site that has a Virus which will instantly hack you(?)

You can read more from here:


Doesn't this remind some of you of last year, there was a sort of epidemic where someone would comment with a 'Stolen Artwork <Link>' or 'Stolen From <Link> and it would Direct you to a Fake DeviantART Login and some people got hacked because they logged in their Username and Password.
Anywho, I know some of you guys might've heard of this but I'm just passing this around for some of you that Haven't. Stay safe everyone.
MeulinMobile Featured By Owner Jul 10, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
And one person behind it is ~haterhacker
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